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The Flying Squid’s ABC Song

The Flying Squid ABC song, is a fun jazzy version of the classic phonetic alphabet song. The song is performed by the Jazz Playground Band from Queens, New York! It contains the uppercase and lowercase version of the letters, and even the “human-case” version where your children can learn how to make the letters with their bodies.

This version of the alphabet song is great for all ages because anyone who practices making letters with their bodies will get some great exercise!

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Also, don’t forget to check the Jazz Playground Band out! They are fantastic and create great content for children to learn music.


Concept, design, edit and animation  – Iván Cortázar

Illustrations – Sol Frías

Singers – The Flying Squid Kids

Tenor Saxophone and Flute – Ben Bryden 
Guitar – 
Hugh Stuckey
Upright Bass – 
Trifon Dimitrov
Drums – 
Rossen Nedelchev

Record, mix and master – Rossen Nedelchev at Pulse Station 

“The Jazz Playground” theme song – composed by Ben Bryden

“The Flying Squid” intro theme song – composed by Martijn the Man

© 2020 The Flying Squid – SunReel Inc.


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