The flying Squid Team presents the Flying Squid challenge

The Flying Squid Challenge!

Fun Activities to Do With Kids at Home

Dear Wonderful Squids,

The Flying Squid team wishes that you and your little squids are all safe and making the best out of this overwhelming time. During the global Covid-19 pandemic, the Flying Squid team wants to show you some quick and fun activities to do with your kids at home to help lighten the spirits of everyone who is practicing social distancing with children.

Our goal is to add a little intermission, a pause, in our daily struggle, to briefly focus on our children, and create the expectation of a daily activity challenge where we can all relax, act silly, and bond together during these strange and scary times.

What is the Flying Squid Challenge?

It is the challenge that all of us, the squid parents, must do to introduce a little pause in our busy, everyday lives: to reflect and enjoy five minutes of our time just playing with our squids without having to worry about work, dinner or homework. That is the true Flying Squid Challenge! To set aside time every day with no excuse.

To help with this challenge, from Wednesday, April 22nd onwards, we’ll be posting one fun activity per day for the next 30 days.

A few activities will be a bit challenging, but most of them are, as our hero the Flying Squid likes to say, “as easy as swimming in the ocean.”

Feel free to share these challenges on your social networks, so that as many families as possible can enjoy these goofy activities for kids and parents. Also, share photos of your family having fun and please use the hashtag #TheFlyingSquidChallenge.  

Drawing Island: You and the Flying Squid App

You and the Flying Squid visit a special island, full of pretty pictures that are somewhat difficult to interpret. The sliders look like snakes and the submarines look like sharks. It seems that the whole island is drawn from top to bottom! How fun!

Why Island: You and the Flying Squid App

You and the Flying Squid take a well-deserved rest in the island of Why’s. The Island of Why’s has the prettiest and most entertaining skies and clouds of all the known seas. Do you want to know Why?

Mystery Island: You and the Flying Squid App

You and the Flying Squid visit a mysterious island in which a tiger lost its stripes, a giraffe lost its large spots, and a ladybug lost its small spots. Will you and Chopito discover the mystery before you also lose something?

Turtle Island: You and the Flying Squid App

Every great adventure has a beginning that needs to be shared. Find out how you met Chopito, the Flying Squid.

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