The flying Squid is practicing fun activities to do with kids, in this case a game called Whats that smell?

Join the Flying Squid in the Smell Challenge!

Fun Activities to Do With Kids at Home

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The Flying Squid Challenge #3

Cover your squid’s eyes and put something in front of them, then, have them try to identify it (find out what it is) just by using their sense of smell. These are good examples: cheese, milk, a plant, your face, a pair of dirty socks…

Naru tried a fish with her brother Chopito, the Flying Squid, but he guessed it correctly in half a second, but an orange took him two-and-a-half hours!

Two kids enjoy doing fun activities for kids. She is placing a fish in front of the boy and he needs to guess what it is blind folded

“Let me guess… oh, this one is easy- peasy- lemon- squeezy. This is an Atlantic Croaker, a species of marine ray-finned fish belonging to the family Sciaenidae. Next!”

– Chopito, the Flying Squid

Don’t forget to share pictures of your children’s activities with your loved ones. Please tag them: #TheFlyingSquidChallenge. We’d love to see them too. Remember, sharing this challenge with other parents in your network will give you bonus points!

Drawing Island: You and the Flying Squid App

You and the Flying Squid visit a special island, full of pretty pictures that are somewhat difficult to interpret. The sliders look like snakes and the submarines look like sharks. It seems that the whole island is drawn from top to bottom! How fun!

Why Island: You and the Flying Squid App

You and the Flying Squid take a well-deserved rest in the island of Why’s. The Island of Why’s has the prettiest and most entertaining skies and clouds of all the known seas. Do you want to know Why?

Mystery Island: You and the Flying Squid App

You and the Flying Squid visit a mysterious island in which a tiger lost its stripes, a giraffe lost its large spots, and a ladybug lost its small spots. Will you and Chopito discover the mystery before you also lose something?

Turtle Island: You and the Flying Squid App

Every great adventure has a beginning that needs to be shared. Find out how you met Chopito, the Flying Squid.

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