The Flying Squid is playing fun activities to do with kids, in this case playing Objects Charade

Join the Flying Squid for Object Charades!

Fun Activities to Do With Kids at Home

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The Flying Squid Challenge #24

First, the parent squid says the name of a household object aloud. Then, the little squid needs to use that object to explain an action, object, or situation without talking. The parent  then needs to guess the action correctly. You can either set a timer or choose not to. Then your squid(s) can take turns.  

Chopitón, the father of the Flying Squid, and Naru, chose these objects.  

A chair, a plant, a trophy, a pair of headphones, and rug. 

Here are some of the things that Chopito, and Naru, described to their father: 

Being sleepy
Driving a car
Making popcorn
Watching birds with binoculars
Playing with his friend Alfred, the Beluga Whale

Chopitón only missed “Being sleepy”.

This is a list of objects that Naru and Chopito chose:

An apple, a cell phone, a towel, a set of keys, and a book. 

Here are some of the things Chopitón, described to his kids:

Being an astronaut
Feeling hungry
Watering the plants
Taking a shower
Filling out the income tax form (this one was very hard to do, both literally and acted out)

Chopito, the Flying Squid, missed every single one! I don’t think he’s very good at guessing. However, he was very close on the filing taxes action.

Chopito, the Flying Squid and his sister play a fun activity for kids called object charade

Chopito is acting like a dog using his chosen object (a Chair). Naru is acting as the queen of England, using her chosen object (a trophy).

Don’t forget to share pictures of your children’s activities with your loved ones. Please tag them: #TheFlyingSquidChallenge. We’d love to see them too. Remember, sharing this challenge with other parents in your network will give you bonus points!

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